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Thank you for your interest in our Sugaring certification programs. Please fill out the information below if you'd like more details about our classes or want to begin the registration process. If you didn't see a date that workes for you, please enter a date that would be your first availability.

Your educator will contact you upon submission to get things rolling and we are excited to be there for you each step of the way.

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our standard classes

We offer specialized group, individual and tailored classes upon request. Please contact us with any questions or request you may have for a class. Please feel free to call, text and email us anytime! We are here for you and ready to assist. 


* Our classes do NOT come with a kit but are required before class date since they include your manual and certificate. You have 3 kits to choose from and your educator will have a discount code for you for extra purchases the day of class.

* The Advanced Certifications allows you to attend any of our future sugaring classes for FREE! Grab extra continued education and network with our students.

* All our classes offer FREE continued support for life while you are a sugarista.

* Upon completion you will be entered into the Sugarista Database on this site and Ke Kō Professional with numerous companies, and given access to online social media support/groups, the Ke Kō App and many business marketing/planning tools. 

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