Keeping hydrated is difficult so keep it simple. I add pink Himalayan salt and lemon juice to a large glass of water at least 3 times a day. With all of our water being purified so much we lack natural minerals and electrolytes that make our H2O as effective.Lemon is a tasteful way to get our digestion moving! It’s helps those of you that find drinking a drag, so use juice from a fresh lemon, lemon juice in a container or lemon essential oil.


Moisturizing your skin with oils is like giving your skin a big glass of water, so let your skin drink up! Oils are our friends so don’t worry you won’t feel oily, you’ll feel silky smooth and refreshed. Coconut oil seems to fix everything so it’s a great go to, but it’s also easy to find in bulk. I also enjoy the benefits of Rose Hip oil and Hemp Seed oil. I put my oil on after I turn the water off in the shower, because our skin and hair absorb more when it’s damp, just like a sponge. Then you can towel dry and let the oil absorb. Somedays you may need to use lotion on your arms and legs if its a dry day. Whatever oil you choose just make sure you use it consistently.